The Washoe County School District, in full recognition of the its role to deliver to our region’s youth an exemplary education experience and that upon completion of the District’s adopted curriculum each student will be ready for life, ready for higher education, and ready for his/her chosen career. In demonstration of our enthusiastic commitment to this program, the District adopts the Community Compact. As an organization we will:

-Implement the Envision WCSD 2015—Investing in Our Future
-Ensure that every school is led by an effective principal
-Ensure that every classroom is led by an effective teacher
-Provide for all of our students, their parents and their families a welcoming culture that values their heritage, embraces their socio-economic backgrounds, and respects their aspirations. Such a culture is to promote openness to mutual concerns of parents and educators to maximize the learning experience for our students.
-Understand the importance of providing a supportive, effective learning environment that enables our students to meet the State’s academic achievement standards. The staff agrees to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of our ability by:
ensuring that each student is provided high-quality curriculum and instruction, supervision and positive interaction;
maximizing the educational and social experience of each student; carrying out the professional responsibility of educators to seek the best interest of each student; and providing frequent reports to parents on their children’s progress, and providing reasonable access of staff to the parents and legal guardians of students to discuss their concerns. In the spirit of ensuring all of our students are on the Pathway to Graduation, we do commit to the above checked activities.

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